Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

Salary Range

Up to $250k


About the Role

As an early engineer, you’ll work on building our cloud product from the ground up.

The core responsibility of this role is designing and building a safe playground for AI agents to write and test code. You’ll solve problems like:



About the Company

Grit is on a mission to crush technical debt.

We believe that a big challenge in the next decade will be crumbling digital infrastructure. Our entire modern economy runs on code, but we haven’t developed appropriate tools to ensure software remains reliable over time.

Companies know that technical debt threatens the reliability of their services and slows down the pace of innovation, but struggle to find enough engineering talent to fix issues—most software maintenance today is still done manually and delayed as long as possible.

We believe there is a better way: we’re building Grit, a query language for automatically maintaining software. Underneath, we use advanced parsing, static analysis, and machine learning to automatically generate pull requests.

Founders Fund and Abstract Ventures led our seed round and we have many paying customers on our beta product. Our team is currently 5 engineers.

How to Apply

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