Systems Architect (Distributed Computing)

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Competitive salary fixed in USD


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We are building a Multi-Party Computation Network which utilises our in-house developed SDKs for generating, managing and using a distributed encryption key. The nodes of the network can be server-side (hardened server machines) or client-side (browsers, mobile phones and wearables). The technology also powers Silent Compute - a solution that offers privacy-preserving computation over encrypted datasets and allows collaboration without actually moving data between parties.

With these, we solve two essential problems of our B2B customers:

  1. Eliminate a single point of failure for private keys

  2. Enable privacy-preserving computation over encrypted datasets.

Our MPC-TSS SDK - Silent Shard is based on DKLs family of threshold signature protocols. We use DKLs23 protocol which ensures the followings about our library:

For example, for a set of 3 physically isolated cloud nodes deployed in western Europe (each running one MPC node) and a user calling a signature request from South-East Asia, it takes 80ms to create and submit a complete signature on chain. It is in order of 1-2 seconds for other competing protocols and production grade libraries.

We are one of the first companies, globally to implement DKLs23 which has been designed with the target of optimising signing, bandwidth of message exchanges and computation time.


This is a solution for two essential problems of our B2B customers:


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About the Company

We develop secure and easy-to-use SDKs for distributed self custody, digital signing, authentication, and privacy-preserving computation over encrypted datasets.

We do that through a unique fusion of Multi-Party Computation (MPC) based cryptographic algorithms with threshold signature schemes (TSS) and intelligent multi-modal signal processing.

We aim to solve fundamental distributed authentication, account recovery and private computation challenges faced by our B2B customers.

Our company has been founded by a strong technical and business team including PhDs and researchers with previous affiliations at Singapore University of Technology & Design (SUTD) & National University of Singapore (NUS); University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) and CSAIL @ Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA; globally top-ranked Capture The Flag (CTF) teams, and leading tech companies.

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